We partnered with Cheeky Monkey Productions to produce The Helper, a feature-length documentary that chronicles diverse stories from Hong Kong’s domestic worker community, uncovering the inspiring combination of grit, pride and determination that drives them. After the film premiered in Hong Kong in May 2017, it enjoyed an immensely successful run in cinemas. It's now available internationally on popular streaming services including iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Prime.
Title: The Helper
Client: Cheeky Monkey Productions
Director: Joanna Bowers (Cheeky Monkey Productions)
Post-production Supervisor: Tom Mitchell (Treacle)
Co-producer: Josie Mitchell (Treacle)
Titles and Graphics: Treacle
Animators: Ho Sheung Ning and Wong Hiu Ching (Treacle)
Opening titles with extreme close-up milk drop
Opening titles scene with red lanterns
Opening titles scene of a breakfast table
Unsung heroes choir in Hong Kong
Motion graphics fabric and stitching
Live-action tea pot brewing
Animation studio motion graphics
Animated motion graphics of South East Asia
End title sequence motion graphics


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