Treacle is proud to be the official APAC animation studio for Salesforce, creating the largest amount of 3D character animation for the tech giant globally. Enjoy these snippets of assets created in partnership with The CWK for a range of TVCs, bumpers, online content and events.

Client: Salesforce
Creative: Treacle
Director: Tom Mitchell
Executive Producers: James Butler & Josie Mitchell
Senior Producers: Air Rungruangt & Veronica Guarino
Animation Director: Asanee Tejasakulsin
Technical Director: Weerapan Dancharoenwanakit
3D Producers: Pilaiwan Pinmee & Jenna Suwajana
Post-production Producers: Ping Hei Wong & Tanya Gandevia
3D Designers: Hamed Pourkerman, Ismael Mon, Nuntawan Sumaneengam, Kantee Sananue, Witsanukon Chaliaotham, Wasim Shaikh, Chaiyo Klinjandang, Nuttawat Thip-o-sot, Pongsaton Sirom, Tanawat Kuntanawong, Radchanon Fayklang & Manus Kaewpalux
2D Designers: Ismael Mon, Supreeya Chatromyen, Noppanut Ruangwanitchayakyl, Shirley Ho, Ping Hei Wong & Vivian Lun
Compositor: Sutthida Visutseriwong
Senior Editors: Pattara Lertanan & Annika Feign
Editors: Nattasak Ippoodorn, Thitigorn Jiruttigorn, Ping Hei Wong, Vivian Lun, Leala Rose Smith, Sadie Granberg, Arman Dzidzovic, Florence Lai & Liz Chen
Colourists: Michael Halcomb, Wipawee Khirirat, Siradhanai Phungnoi, Shane Bartley & Teerat Jirathanavorapat
Codey in boxer shorts
Astro on video call
Astro doing yoga in living room
Astro in business suit
Astro on mobile phone
Astro as TV presenter
Astro and Codey rowing boat in India
Astro surfing in Australia
Astro, Codey and Einstein meditating
Salesforce lower-third
Starfish wave transition, water simulation
Plants 3D transition
Canopy transition
Astro lightbulb animation
Astro sign 3D animation
Astro and Einstein PIP 3D animation
2D character animation, Astro Indian dance with peacock feathers
Waterfall 2D lower-third
2D animated plant transition
2D animation, name plate
2D animated title slide


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