It’s not everyday that you’re asked to make video content 41,000 pixels wide as a single piece. We made over ten minutes of unique character animation in just a month along with four seamless, matte-painted, 41,000 pixel, animated environments for this huge Salesforce event.
Title: Salesforce World Tour
Client: Salesforce
Creative: Treacle
Event Agency: The Company We Keep (TCWK)
Technical Direction: The Ear
Projection and Media Services: TDC
Venue: ICC Sydney
Director: Tom Mitchell
Producer: James Butler
Animation: Ismael Mon, Kanoksin Rattanamarn, Araya Kathang, Noppanut Ruangwanitchayakul, Ho Sheung Ning Shirley & Kultida Tangparangkajib
Traditional animation studio
Frame by frame character aniamtion on light board
Pencil line animation
Wacom digital animation studio
Digitally coloured animation in Photoshop
Stack of hand drawn animation in studio
Large pile of had drawn aniamtion frames in animation studio
3D more than ultra high definition projection
2D character animation studio
storyboards and initial sketches made by animation studio
2d owl character walk cycle
Projection mapping size comparison
Hand drawn character animation studio
Resolution far higher than cinema or iMax


World-Class Quality, on Time and on Budget.
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