We're delighted to bring a splash of colour to the city of Hong Kong. Together with Moving Cities, Hong Kong Ballet and Hong Kong Design Centre, we created more than 700 square meters of print, which now brightens the walls of one of Hong Kong's busiest MTR stations, Wan Chai.

We created the scenes in a green screen studio, using a live-key to position the dancers and extras onto pre-stitched backgrounds. The key also helped us to light the talent to match the scene. Our talented in-house compositors and designers then went to work on the post-production process in incredible fine-detail to create this stunning end result.

Go check out this amazing artwork and let us know which scene is your favourite. But no rush, it's set to be on display for a whopping ten years!
Title: This is Wanchai
Client: MTR Corporation
Agency: Moving Cities
Talent: Hong Kong Ballet
Director: Jevan Chowdhury
Producer: Beth Cinamon
Post-production Producer: Josie Mitchell
Post-production Director: James Butler
VFX Supervisor: Sheung Ning Shirley Ho
VFX Director: Tom Mitchell
Designers: Araya Kathang, Noppanut Ruangwanitchayakul & Kanoksin Rattanamarn
Hotel Nikko concept art
Taipei concept art
2nd Yokohama concept art
Chon buri rendered scene
Fireworks text Happy New Year
Fireworks text Happy New Year
Vietnam extreme angle concept art
Edutown concept art


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