We were over the moon when our client, Hollywood Innovations asked to create an anime style video for a new hotel in Bali. Telling 'The Tale of the Woodcarver’s Apprentice’ and set against stunning Balinese scenery, our talented team handpainted each and every frame in this stunning spot.
Title: The Wood Carver's Apprentice
Client: Amorsk
Agency: Hollywood Innovations
Director: Tom Mitchell
Writer: Tom Mitchell
Producer: James Butler
Animation: Ismael Mon, Araya Kathang, Noppanut Ruangwanitchayakul, Krittin Phunghansaporn, Guy Teeraniti & Kultida Tangparangkajib
Aerial rice paddies
Anime boy in rice paddies
Top-view sea out-crop
Bali Gamelan musical instrument
Underwater Balinese statue anime style with swimming fish
Dolphin jumping sunset


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